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Stargazers is 10 years old this year!

June 14, 2013

19 June - Rhythm Factory, London (UK)
22 June - Biff Bang Pow, Leicester (UK)
30 June - Switch Fringe, Ipswich (UK)

05th July - Subterranean, Chicago (USA)
06th July - Bathysphere festival, Minneapolis (USA)
07th July - Vaudeville Mews. Des Moines (USA)
08th July - Louie's. Kalamazoo (USA)
09th July - Magic Stick, Detroit (USA)

17 Aug - Railway, Southend (UK)
23 Aug - King Tuts, Glasgow (UK)

06 Sep - Birreria 34. Taurianova (IT)
08 Sep - Tendenze Festival. Piacenza (IT)
18 Sep - BeGood, Barcelona (ES)
19 Sep - Siroco, Madrid (ES)
20 Sep - Txiki - San Sebastian (ES)
21 Sep - Psych Fest, Nantes (FR)
23 Sep - Surya, London (UK)
24 Sep - Duchess, York (UK)
26 Sep - Exchange, Bristol (UK)

Oct 15 - Undergourd Music Hall. Kiev (UCR)
Oct 16 - 16 Tons. Moscow (RU)
Oct 17 - Da Da. St. Petersburg (RU)
Oct 18 - tba. Tallin (EST)
Oct 19 - Palladium. Riga (LV)

More dates soon!. Contact these good people to book The Telescopes
A Giant Leap or Contact Stephen via their Fb page

Rare releases now on Bancamp
You can now download loads of rare and hard to find music on their bandcamp page

November 21, 2012 Beautiful Noise, the shoegaze documentary

This has been in the works for 8 years. Eric Green, the film's writer and director has started a Kickstarter campaign to finance distribution and song clearance fees. The film features, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins, but many other bands are featured. He needs $75,000 by December 15th.

Here is the Kickstarter page

March 20, 2012

2 new singles to be released
First up is a new single called, 'Black eyed Dog'. It's released on Trensmat. It's available for pre-order with immediate mp3 download. Very limited. They are also releasing another very limited postcard 7" called 'we see magic and we are neutral, unnecessary'for record store day. due for release on April 21 by the the dream machine organisation.

2012 US Tour!
They are playing the Austin Pysch festival. at the end of April. Check out their website for details on on exact date and time. Thet are also playing at The Firebird in St. Louis on May 1st and then in Chicago at the Subterranean on May 2nd

November 12, 2008

New Singles Compilation Out Now
A compilation album from the Creation years singles and b-sides. Limited to 1000 copies. Avaialable at Mind Expansion records

The Telescopes to tour US
Apparently The Telescopes are to tour the US in support of their new singles album. They will be playing this material, not their latest noise terrorist stuff. More details soon.

August 12, 2008

New Singles Compilation
Mind Expansion records is releasing a Telescopes singles compilation later this year. here is the tracklisting:

The Perfect Needle
Sadness Pale
Shc Burn
You Can Not Be Sure
To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
Forever Now
Precious Little
I Sense
Wish Of You
All A Dreams
The Sleepwalk

New Telescopes album - vinyl only
The album is called 'Infinate Suns' on Textile records. The album is out now.

June 15, 2007

Psychic Viewfinder cdr
It took a while but Trensmat 004 is finally ready to go and this one is a very special package!

The Telescopes have been mining a unique anti-myopian seam of drone/dream psych for 20 years. Expertly bolting gritty blocks of noise, rich with fossil and sediment, onto minimal songs and melodies which are miles apart and miles beyond the reams of drone/ambience out there.

On 'Psychic Viewfinder' Stephen Laurie & Bridget Hayden harness a primeval drone, rich in texture, and build it beautifully in unison with soaring feedback, guitar manipulation & viola which forever spiral outward, fractal and hypnotic - a bed of noise percolating at the edges of audition.

Included on the additional multimedia CD is an exclusive hand-shot video of the full show the band played in Cork, Ireland from late 2006 - by the dim light of three candles on the floor between them Stephen & Bridget float out on waves of smoke-screened sound which build to a monolithic and glorious climax.

This release is a VERY limited numbered (100 copies) edition package of clear lathe-cut 7" vinyl and multimedia CD, both in gorgeous handmade full colour wraparound sleeves. The two 'Psychic Viewfinder' tracks from the 7" are on the CD which also contains the exclusive live video.

If anyone has a copy of this to spare i'd appreciate it. I have a spare copy of You've No Idea What This Is Like For Me cdr I'd like to trade for it

You've No Idea What This Is Like For Me cdr
An extremely rare /ltd edition (100 copies) cdr album with hand-made packaging and new and exclusive material from bridget hayden and stephen lawrie was released earlier this yearextracts from 1st recordings together, made in august 2006.

tracklisting -something in my system somewhere, but i don't know what.eulogy for the be honest, to be quite honest.lifting lies.pulsing bead.retrograde death jacket.shredded've no idea what this is like for me.the blue shroud of alkatraz.bones draw breath.circus motion.this is mewing.another whip.

May 7, 2006

'Taste' reissue contest
Stargazers in conjunction with Cherry Red records are giving away 3 copies of the 'taste' reissue. All you have to do to enter is answer the following questions and if you get them all right, you will be entered to win. Winners names will be drawn and posted on the site on May 15th, so get your answers in by May 14th
1. Who have always been the 2 main members of The Telescopes?
2. What group appeared on the flip side of the 'Forever Close Your Eyes' flexi?
3. What is the name of The Telescopes own label?

March 27, 2006

'Taste' reissue
Rev-Ola records have reissued the first telescopes album, 'Taste' and it includes several bonus tracks.

And Let Me Drift Away
I Fall She Screams
Oil Seed Rape
Violence Threadbare
The Perfect Needle
There Is No Floor
Please, Before You Go
Silent Water

Let's hope it was remastered as well since the original pressing sounds terrible

January 3, 2006

New Telescopes album plus other new and forthcoming releases
Sorry it's taken so long to update the site. The Telescopes releases their 4th album, called #4, in September of 2005. They also released a limited edition 10", live at audioscope04 on blue vinyl. All proceeed of the 10" go to a homeless charity.

They will also be releasing a "mesmerising 25-minute live session entitled 'auditory illusions', recorded by the telescopes for double agent using an assortment of improvised acoustic and battery operated instrumentation to create new and exclusive versions of material past and present. includes a free-drone re-working of their single, 'flying,' with a hypnotic new video by dan hopkins. this release will be ltd to 500 copies and will only be available online and from shows. to be released on the 28th of february 2006." Source: Antenna records

November 27, 2004

New Interview
Steven appears on Poptones Questions of Doom. You can also download the new Telescopes single Winter #7 (see below for more details about the single)

New single
The new Telescopes single is called 'Winter' and features new versions of Winter and The Perfect Needle. The single was released on November 1st on Hungry Audio.

New old Album
The new Telescopes "lost" second album is a reissue of the 'untitled' second album with 2 bonus tracks:
High On Fire
You Set My soul
The Presence Of Your Grace
Ocean Drive
Please Tell Mother
To The Shore
Dnaanb (Bonus Track)
Tornado (Bonus Track)

September 13, 2004

The "lost" Telescopes album to be relased UPDATE!
According to an interview with Joe Foster (Ex-Creation) of Rev-ola records

What is the next reissue of Creation for Revola?
The next reissue is up for it are The Telescopes. They have one album that they said was never released. I don't know how a released album can never be released but it is a very long and complicated story with a lot of facts and I had to take a nap afterwards. The facts are that it is an excellent album, and should be out there....
UPDATE! The album is due for release on October 18th and is called "#"

August 25, 2004

Another new compilation
A new Telescopes compilation, Altered Perception, is out on Sonic Boom's (Spacemen 3, Ear, Spectrum) label Space Age Recordings . Featuring tracks previously unavailable on CD like 'Sadness Pale' and '16T#4' this release also contains material recorded by the band during the 'Creation years' but unreleased until now. All tracks are apparently remastered.

1. s.h.c. burn
2. you cannot be sure
3. please before you go
4. oil seed rape
5. theadbare
6. to kill a slow girl walking
7. forever now
8. precious little
9. everso
10. celeste
11. flying
12. high on fire (ep version)
13. the sleepwalk
14. splashdown

February 14, 2004

Another compilation appearance
The Telescopes have a track, 'When they fear no death for they are dead already' on a new compilation album on Involve Records in conjunction with Capital Records.

November 30, 2003

New material
'The Sympathetic Sounds Of The Wild West Midlands' is the name of new compilation album which features exclusive new tracks from The telescopes. It is out now

New old material
The Telescopes 'Premonitions 1989-91' is name of a new telescopes compilation which includes the b-sides to the Perfect Needle on cd for the very first time, 'S.H.C. Burn' and 'You can not be sure' It is released on teh Brazillian label Midsummer Madness. I'm not sure when this is released but soon I suspect

April 13, 2003

New Telescopes compilation
The Telescopes have a compilation album coming out on Bomp records in the US Bomp! records are releasing an incredible collection of out-of-print Telescopes treasures!

"The Committee is delighted to announce an affiliation with Double Agent Records and one of the greatest-ever British bands, The Telescopes. We will be releasing a compilation of this prolific band's best work, now all out of print (and all of it previously unreleased in the USA). This record includes some of their best work for the Creation label, which only appeared on limited EPs, such as the fabulous "Everso" and "Celeste". A wonderful album.

Songs include: I Fall She Screams / There is No Floor / Threadbare / Anticipating Nowhere / Please Before You Go/ Silent Water / Suicide / Pure Sweetest Ocean / Everso / Never Learn Not to Love / Celeste / Flying / The Sleepwalk / Celestial RELEASE DATE: June 2003

More Telescopes compilations and other bits
The Telescopes are releasing another 2 compilation albums coming out soon Sonic booms (ex-spacemen 3) Space Age label and another on a Brazilian label.

They will be releasing a single on El Presidente Records. Then a re-recording of Perfect Needle and a re-recording of Winter

Their will be a split single with Fa on Mind Expansion with exclusive Telescopes track called 'where the sky is low'

Their will be a new exclusive version of 'And let me drift away' on the next CD free with 'Robots & Electronic Brains' with antenna & 4 other labels featured.

New telescopes album on antenna.

The telescopes do a remix of Charles Atlas on their remix album

Their will be a new track on the forthcoming Antenna compilation, exclusive to comp.

A track on 'noise research program2' on burning emptiness label, exclusive to comp.

Thanks to Stephan and Tristan.

September 6, 2002

Telescopes Autumn Tour
Click here for more details and the latest Antenna records newsletter.

May 11, 2002

New album pushed back
The Telescopes new album, "Third Wave" will now be released on July 22. Here is the tracklisting:
A Cabin in the Sky
3D Jesus Ashtray
Tesla Death Ray
My Name is Zardak ??[Drop Your Weaponz]
A Good Place to Hide
When Nemo Sunk the Nautillus
Winter #2
Moog Destroya
The Atoms of the Sea
You & I Are the Foxboy Noises

Go to Double Agent records for album preview.

March 12, 2002

New album news and tour dates
The Telescopes new album will be release on May 14, 2002. They've already began work on their 4th album which is due out in the Autumn of 2002!

The Telescopes have contributed a track called 'Second Darkness' to 'Journey's Without Maps - A Tribute to Lord of the Rings' which is now available on the Fabulous Bearos Records They also have a track available as a split single with Lo Casta On The Non Toxic Jonathon Whiskey label, which is due out on march the 22nd.

Antenna live dates:
28th march - the telescopes, los planetos del agua & pedro barracha - the courtyard. friargate. derby.
10th april - the telescopes - the basement. rock city. nottingham.
11th april - los planetos del agua & jet johnson - the arts cafe. toynbee Hall. commercial St. london
12th april - the telescopes + TBC the jug of ale birmingham
13th april - the telescopes + TBC the jug of ale birmingham

Antenna will be featured in the next edition of the big issue, due out 22nd March. [Can someone pick me up a copy? i know it's uk only thing]

Info courtesy of the Antenna newsletter.

February 20, 2002

The Telescopes are back
After a 9 year hiatus, The Telescopes are back with a new album called 'Third Wave" due on May 14, on Double Agent records

They played live in December 20001, but are due to play an acoustic set at Jumbo Records in Leeds, UK on February 23.. Anyone out there going to record it? :)

Unisex have a new EP coming out soon on Randall Nieman's (Fa) Mind Expansion label

They are currently touring the UK backing Fa.

Stephen Lawrie has a record company called Antenna. Look for releases by Fuxa and Los Planetos del Agua later in the year.

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